DESIGN COMPETITION: Oscar Strok summer concert hall in Daugavpils”

  • LOCATION : Central park, Daugavpils
  • YEAR: 2020
  • CLIENT: Daugavpils City Council
  • TEAM:
    Landscape architecture: Ilze Ruksane, Maris Buss, Natalija Savranska
    In collaboration with
    RUUME architects: Oskars Vavere, Liva Nordmane, Martins Rusins, Liene Adumane-Vavere, Olga Trebuhina, Vilnis Tinuss, Emils Maksims, Madara Migale
    SIA “R&D Akustika“

The story about the Daugavpils Concert Hall’s amenity concept is a story about communication in the city – about the multifaceted connection of park and city landscape, culture and music, artists and visitors, functional and emotional aspects, about renewing, strengthening ties and creating new ones to create a new cultural experience for everyone.

The concept of Daugavpils Concert Hall provides connections to the city, park and street network. The rhythm of life envisaged in the concept (functional, spatial, economic, ecological and emotional) is able to operate for 12 months a year, at least 16 hours a day. Only the minimum area necessary for functionality is fenced.

The project area is divided into two emotionally and functionally different characteristics – landscapes:

Parkscape, with the nature of the park landscape

Urbanscape, with the nature of the urban landscape

The city landscape is characterized by dynamics, expression, movement. Thus, this space is designed as a multi-functional square and the epicenter of events, a place to indulge in the moment, in the experience of everyday and festive rhythm.

In turn, the landscape of the park is characterized by a peaceful life – it is analogous to the city “forest” – where stress disappears, where the daily race decreases, a place to enjoy the landscape – stop, read and move on to the goal – slowly, deliberately and consciously.

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