Through Life to the Sea


Instalācija Ziedu festivālā Tallinā: Lillefestival 2011

  • Adrese : Kadrioru park, Tallinn
  • Objekta platība : ~50m2
  • Projekts : 2011. gads
  • Būvniecība : 2011. gads
  • Pasūtītājs :
    Rīgas Dome sadarbībā ar aģentūru Live Riga
  • Autori :
    Ainavu arhitekti: Helēna Gūtmane, Ilze Rukšāne, Carlo Bruschi, architettura del paesaggio
  • Ģenerāluzņēmējs :
    Pašvaldības SIA Rīgas Dārzi un Parki


We start our WALK through Mother’s gate, which Mother opens for us. This way is never straight. In the beginning it is broad path, after the corner – suddenly narrow. Here – laid down for us as a plank – way, there – only steps we have to leap over. But every minute of our way The Belt Of The Sign protects us, Brings us to the Cosmic Play – Game of Signs and Arrows. Three colors of Garden – red, blue and white – Make Life and Hope and Spirit bright.
The patterns of the panels are based on the Sign System of the Lielvarde belt – element of Latvian national costume. It is from flax and wool woven 5-10cm wide, till 270cm long band in two (red, white) colors with interwoven thread of different blue gamma colors. The pattern consists of 22 geometric elements in different combination. According to some beliefs, the Lielvarde belt is a symbolic “narrative” of Latvian folk from prehistory till nowadays.

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