Floating islands as biodiversity pit stops and pollution cut outs towards more resilient cities (BioFloat)

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Interreg is a key European Union (EU) instrument that strengthens cooperation between regions and countries within the EU. Our objective is to enhance biodiversity richness and improve the health of urban water ecosystems. It will be achieved by collaboratively developing and testing three new green infrastructure elements with contributions from target groups in Estonia and Latvia. Our central innovation is the BioFloat floating islands concept, tailored to meet the specific requirements of municipalities. The initiative will contribute to a more sustainable and resilient program area.

ALPS LANDSCAPE ATELIER is an important partner in the Interreg BioFloat project. Our main tasks are developing the BioFloat floating island concept, which includes both design and technical solutions, providing high-quality and environmentally friendly solutions for three project areas in Latvia and Estonia. We actively cooperate with partners from other industries to find optimal solutions for improving biodiversity, supporting bird habitats, and improving water treatment. The active involvement of the ALPS LANDSCAPE ATELIER ensures the successful implementation of the project’s goals.

The BioFloat project aims to design and test the concept of floating islands in three lakes in Estonia and Latvia.



How connection with nature helps to survive

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August 27–28, 2023.

FIRST TIME IN LATVIA mental health rehabilitation and landscape architecture professionals interdisciplinary seminar and master classes

Seminar, August 27, 2023.– VEF QUARTER, Ieriku iela 5A, Riga

Masterclasses, August 28, 2023. – Latvian State Forest Nature Park in Tērvete, seminar hall

LANGUAGE OF THE EVENT: Seminar: English/Russian with simultaneous translation into Latvian. Master classes – workshops: English

In this age of anxiety and change, there are many events that affect mental health, and we are looking for ways and environments to heal. The connection with nature is of particular importance, therefore the theme of the seminar and workshops is therapeutic/landscape gardens and related horticultural and forest therapies. These are internationally recognized and applied methods in cases of mental illness and for preventive purposes, which are not currently practiced in Latvia. The task of the seminar and workshops, as well as the translated book “Well gardened mind” by Sue Stuart-Smith, is to raise the topic of the importance of urban green structures and methods that promote people’s connection with nature in the context of mental and physical health, and to continue the discussion in the professional and political sector. The overarching goal is to bring these practices into routine health care and urban planning. Mental and physical health is closely related to society’s economic activity and contribution; therefore, cities need a green environment and modern methods for improving and stabilizing mental health.

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PARTICIPATION FEE and Registration

// The number of places is limited. Up to 120 participants in the seminar. In master classes-workshops: the maximum number of participants is 12 representatives of the medical industry + 12 representatives of the landscape architecture and/or horticulture industry.

// Registration is closed!

IN THE SEMINAR: (including coffee breaks and delicious lunch)

“Early bird” tickets till April 29, 2023: 82,64 EUR + VAT 21% = 99,99 EUR/pers.

Regular price April 30 – July 31, 2023: 100,00 EUR + VAT 21% = 121,00 EUR/pers.

“Late bird” tickets August 1 – August 21, 2023: 120,00 EUR + VAT 21% = 145,20 EUR/pers.

IN MASTER CLASSES-WORKSHOPS: (including coffee breaks and delicious lunch, participants will be provided with
transport to/from Riga to the venue of the masterclasses)

Early bird till April 29, 2023: 165,29 EUR + VAT 21% = 200,00 EUR/pers.

Regular price April 30 – July 31, 2023: 185,95 + VAT 21% = 225,00 EUR/pers.

“Late bird” tickets August 1 – August 21, 2023: 200,00 EUR + VAT 21% = 242,00 EUR/pers.

//Attention – From 18.08.2023. the participation fee is non-refundable!

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