• LOCATION: between Hanza, Veseta and Sporta streets in Riga
  • AREA: 3 ha
  • DESIGN YEAR: 2017 – 2020
  • CLIENT: SIA “Sporta 2”
  • Landscape architects: ALPS – Ilze Ruksane, Evita Zavadska, Ieva Dimante; initial concept in collaboration with LANDSHAPE
  • Participating:
  • IE.LA – Viesturs Laurs
  • Lighting: Trentini – Solvita Ortmane
  • Rainwater drainage: SIA “Udens Pro”
  • Architecture: Diānas Zalānes projektu birojs & OUTOFBOX architects
  • Visualizations: Eriks Valdmanis

Development of Sporta 2 quarter

In the area of former sweet factory, located between cities quiet centre and Skanste district, it is planned to develop a modern and high-quality public space in Riga – the Sporta 2 quarter.

NP Properties, the developer of industrial parks, began developing the three-hectare neighborhood between Hanzas, Vesetas and Sporta streets in 2016, and already has more than 20 residents of different sectors, including contemporary art centre Kim?, foundation `Viegli`,  Ziedona class, Museum and library, Royal Improvisation Theatre, field of cinema & advertising representatives – von Films, Tattoo Salon – Tattoo Frequency, ALPS Landscape architects , improvisation theatre ART I SOK, clothing designers Colorfall, be with, MUCINA, AgniaZepa, interior designers – Design Therapist, several creative start-ups and others.

Also, regular public and corporate events are hosted in the quarters spacious 900 m2 hall.

Currently, Sporta 2 Quarter consists of 13 existing buildings on a single plot of 3 hectares. The total reconstruction project consists of eight separate construction projects, five of which have already been fully developed and approved by the Riga City Construction Board, the remaining three projects are at design stage and will be submitted to the Construction Board for approval soon.

In the concept of quarter development, the features of the neighborhood will change qualitatively – it is planned to reconstruct buildings and improve territory according to the basic principles of sustainable city. One of them is also innovative rainwater accumulation and the creation of an infiltration reservoir in the form of an open pond.

The total area of buildings in the quarter after the reconstruction will be 18,500 sqm. These will include office spaces with terraces, commercial spaces, large spaces for public and corporate events, restaurants and cafes.


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